My Design about (2009)

10 07 2009
mockup design

mockup design

This is the mockup about web user interface, from

Hope the bid of project go sucessful. visit : big image


Old Drawing ( at 1998’s)

9 07 2008

My friend, sent this pic via email. So, it leashed me a bit of memory about my first interest, skeletal form and figure. Name it;  Pushead, HR Giger, Juxtapoze Art Scene in 99’s era, etc.

And now, this is it, really old drawing 😀

Through The Eyes (2008)

29 05 2008

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Dugong ( 2008 )

8 05 2008

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Octopusy’s Compact Disc – Process (2008)

22 04 2008

Octopusy’s Compact Disc ( 2008 )
Drawing/Pen on paper/Adobe P’hsop

This is about the process from drawing inti coloring in my PC.

So, the first step about this artwork, I making the drawing on paper. I used pen and paper. Not using pencil to basic sketch. Only a compact disc. No pencil or small brush for drawing. See the picture below : Read the rest of this entry »

Skeleton Series (2002 – ?)

17 04 2008

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Old Drawing (1999)

17 04 2008

Dogs and Turtles (1999)
Water Color on Paper/Sketch

This is the old ones from my old artwork. I found it on the old archives in my room. Very simple technique ha ha. Enjoy!