Old Drawing ( at 1998’s)

9 07 2008

My friend, sent this pic via email. So, it leashed me a bit of memory about my first interest, skeletal form and figure. Name it;  Pushead, HR Giger, Juxtapoze Art Scene in 99’s era, etc.

And now, this is it, really old drawing 😀


Shadow or What (2008)

8 04 2008

Shadow or What (2008)
Ink on Paper/Adobe Potoshop

I made it on paper, then transform into my PC and still trying to colorize it as, simple form, same as a manual sketch without vectorize it. Enjoy.

Tentacles Revival (2008)

8 04 2008

Tentacles Revival ? (2008)
Ink on Paper

Same technique with industrial revival. It was made just for follow the ” Industrial Revival (?)” series.

New Drawing (2008)

25 03 2008

Dirnt and Tree
pen/Adobe and Vector Image

The idea was taken from Rolling Stones Magazine Cover. Not finish yet.

Standing Banner – Divusi (2007)

19 03 2008

Client : Divusi
Role : Graphic Designer, Art Director
Photo : Jonas Photo

This is my job to make a standing banner for exhibition, for an IT Consultant, Divusi. I make the concept, directing talent and at last, set them with using Corel and Adobe Photoshop.

Hello World

11 03 2008

Selamat datang di sini. Website ini merupakan portfolio online semata dari saya, yang dalam prosesnya akan memilihkan dan memajang berbagai macam karya saya sendiri dari tahun 2000-an sampai sekarang, tahun 2008.

Harap maklum, seandainya tidak ada apa-apa, yah namanya juga sedang dalam pengerjaan, dan juga masih terkesima akan asiknya Content Management System (CMS) di WordPress ini.