Skeleton Series (2002 – ?)

17 04 2008

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Old Drawing (1999)

17 04 2008

Dogs and Turtles (1999)
Water Color on Paper/Sketch

This is the old ones from my old artwork. I found it on the old archives in my room. Very simple technique ha ha. Enjoy!

Intoxicated Part II (2008)

10 04 2008

Intoxicated Part II/2008
Ink on Paper/Adobe/Corel

This is the final colorized drawing after the first sketch of “Intoxicated”. I am using Adobe and Corel Draw to finalize it. And the process still going on.

Shadow or What (2008)

8 04 2008

Shadow or What (2008)
Ink on Paper/Adobe Potoshop

I made it on paper, then transform into my PC and still trying to colorize it as, simple form, same as a manual sketch without vectorize it. Enjoy.

Tentacles Revival (2008)

8 04 2008

Tentacles Revival ? (2008)
Ink on Paper

Same technique with industrial revival. It was made just for follow the ” Industrial Revival (?)” series.

Industrial Revival (2008)

7 04 2008

Industrial Revival (2008)
Pen on Paper/ink/Drawing

I made it only for the experimentative purpose. Hope it’ ll be enought time to give it some color.

Eagle/Handsome Bald Eagle (2008)

2 04 2008

Eagle/Handsome Bald Eagle (2008)
Drawing on Paper

This is my new drawing. I made it with a pen. Then scanned it into my PC.